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What is Business Insurance?

It is a contract between a business and an insurance company to cover any damages to others, the business itself, or to recover the value of whatever the business has for coverage by a number of different types of losses covered in the contract.

What does Business Insurance Cover?

Business Insurance can help pay the cost of legal fees, repair or rebuilding a property, lost income, damage you cause to others and other covered losses.

Some common types of business insurance are:

  • Commercial Auto InsuranceCovers damages to your business vehicles as well as damage to others that your business is liable for
  • General Liability: Covers injuries and property damage of others
  • Commercial Property: Covers Damage to your buildings or and business property
  • Inland Marine: Coverage for property that is in transit or used off site from the business premises
  • Professional Liability: Protection against lawsuits for errors and omissions depending on what services you provide and your industry
  • Surety Bonds: Provides financial guarantee to ensure completion of a contract

We work the some of the best business insurance companies in the industry:

Business Insurance can be complicated and we can help discuss your concerns and help you understand your needs as a business owner.

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