Employee Services at Narrows Insurance

At Narrows Insurance, we redefine employee support with personalized services that go beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated Benefit Advocates ensure your employees have the assistance they need, from navigating providers to addressing queries during claim processes. Explore the array of employee services we offer:

Wellness Programs: Nurturing Health and Productivity

Encourage a healthy and thriving workforce with our comprehensive wellness programs. By promoting good health in the workplace, employers can contain costs and prevent unnecessary absenteeism.

Our wellness initiatives encompass stress management, medical screenings, recreational programs, and smoking cessation programs.

Additionally, we provide safety programs, equipping employees with essential information on self-care, including back care, proper diet, and exercise.

Employee Assistance Programs: Confidential Support for Wellbeing

Our Employee Assistance Programs offer confidential and professional assistance to help employees overcome personal and work-related challenges. By improving employee productivity and reducing work absences, these programs contribute to enhancing overall personal wellbeing.

Services include counseling and access to organizations specializing in mental health, alcohol abuse, grief, and family problems.

Employee Services

Enrollment, Employee Services, and Technology: Streamlining Communication

Effective communication is key to fostering employee excitement for benefit plans and enhancing your company's brand. At Narrows Insurance, we provide various options for enrollment and employee services, ranging from straightforward paper enrollments to advanced HRIS technology platforms.

Our strategic broker services ensure successful communication of cost increases and plan changes, addressing common occurrences with transparency and clarity.

COBRA: Compliance and Continuity

Navigating the complexities of COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is essential for businesses with twenty or more employees. We ensure compliance with this legal requirement, offering the continuation of health benefits to employees after events like job loss or reduced working hours.

Trust Narrows Insurance to seamlessly manage COBRA, providing peace of mind for both employers and employees.

In Conclusion

Choose Narrows Insurance for a holistic approach to employee services that prioritizes wellbeing, productivity, and compliance. Elevate your workplace experience – partner with us today.

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