Care Custody & Control

Care, Custody & Control (CCC) Insurance

Care, Custody & Control (CCC) insurance provides crucial protection against liability arising from injury or death to animals under your care. This extends beyond fire-related incidents to encompass various causes.

This coverage is indispensable for horse operations involving non-owned horses, such as boarding, breeding, and training. A standard General Liability Insurance policy typically excludes coverage for personal property within your care, custody, or control, such as horses. This means that additional coverage is required (CCC insurance) to ensure you are covered in the event of a loss.

Care Custody & Control

The Care Custody & Control policy goes beyond liability protection by offering assistance with legal defense. With legal representation provided as per the policy terms, CCC coverage ensures essential financial protection in the event of a judgment being rendered against you, providing a safeguard if you are found at fault.

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