Insurance Solutions for Events, Clubs, and Associations

At Narrows Insurance, we understand the unique challenges these entities face, and our tailored insurance packages aim to provide the protection you need. Whether you're organizing an event, managing a club, or overseeing an association, our coverage is crafted to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations.

Equine Events Clubs and Associations

Liability Programs Include:

  • Limits ranging from $300,000 to $1 Million
  • Directors and Officers Coverage
  • Spectator liability
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Coverage for Show Judges and Officials
  • Products liability coverage (Concession Stand)

Key Features

  • Tailored Coverage: Our insurance plans are customized to meet the specific needs of events, clubs, and associations.
  • Risk Mitigation: Protect against unforeseen circumstances and minimize risks associated with various activities.
  • Liability Protection: Comprehensive liability coverage to shield against legal and financial ramifications.
  • Property Protection: Safeguard your property, equipment, and assets from unexpected events.

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